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Kilka informacji z komentarzy pod tym artykułem:
Ingold has a superb rule where he and the Minis Tirith warriors around him cannot be pushed back 1 inch when they lose a fight, essentially to get these guys off an objective you have to kill them all.

His rules were designed to mirror the fact that he was super reluctant to give up his position in battle.
The seminar at Warhammer Fest Sunday on Middle Earth Gaming was first class, not only did they show off the new models but they talked a lot about going back to Minas Tirith, Pelennor Fields and maybe back to Rohan / Helms Deep.

Adam Troke was leading the seminar and he gave his vision to the potential year ahead. As I aid he showed some new models and spoke how Middle Earth will now become the new category title for this and the Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit titles will become sub categories under the Middle Earth main category heading.
He also spoke about how he would like to go back to the places mentioned above this year and we can expect soon to maybe a new book possibly on the subject to be released, we were told to watch this space.

We were also told by Adam that they are looking to bring back models in to the catalogue, this maybe in the form of straight casting, re sculpting like the Dol Amroth foot Knights or a cast on demand / order basis. I think this is a good idea and certainly worth keeping an eye on.

They spoke about their licenses with Warner Brothers and Middle Earth and the new Amazon TV series. They are working very hard at the moment to try and get the license for that to maintain Continuity. He also spoke about the hoops they have to go through to cast a figure based on the books or the films, just having the license doesn’t automatically give them the right to make something.

He also mentioned that they are looking at making some more terrain bits, but when asked what he didn’t give anything away.

What I will say and this is only my opinion, Adam seemed very humble and pleased with how the community has taken with the new Battle Companies. For me I think this was a test to see it this category was still worth pursuing in light on the new TV series being made and besides that, there is only 4 team members working on this as oppose to the 20 who work on 40k. This includes Adam, Jay, Kieth and sorry I can’t remember the last person. Thankfully though, we the community have shown our appreciation by buying the book and figures.
The seminar was only 45mins and that included questions, but when it was over their was so much positive energy / excitement that I came away from it with buzz.
Hope that helps, sorry I cant remember everything they said.

Oh I forgot to mention: I did sit in on a chat with Jay and Kieth, if you don’t know Jay writes the rules now for the Middle Earth Gaming and Kieth is the sculpter in the team.
Jay spoke about how he now does the stat lines / abilities and any special rules for each model. this was very informative and not just the random values that may have happened in the past.
Kieth spoke about how he designs and scupls the figures using either the old fashioned way of putty to now using Cad design and 3D printing (this was how the new Dol Amroth Knights were done).
I have to say again these guys were very approachable and proud of what they are doing, but more importantly I will say from this years Warhammer Fest that all the staff were eager to listen to our ideas.
also; they are working on a new rules manual and "There were a few mentions of scenery, with Osgiliath being name dropped more than once."
Would absolutely love to get more Osgiliath scenery, especially the iconic tower.
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Pojawiły się gobliny ;) ktoś będzie organizował zamówienie?
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Slotgan pisze:
08 cze 2018, 11:58
Pojawiły się gobliny ;) ktoś będzie organizował zamówienie?
Jak zawsze na posterunku. :D
Wieczorem, jak wrócę z kina, wrzucę posta na dziale zakupy o kolejnej edycji wspólnego kupowania w Forge World

Wieku nie podaję, bom starszy od "wungla" :P
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Ciekawe i oby się potwierdziło:
- starter z nowymi plastikowymi modelami, powrót modeli do normalnej sprzedaży....
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8v42wfs ... e=youtu.be
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No, no, no - jesli okaże się, że Battle of the MiddleEarth, czyli nasz bitewniak wróci na półki w sklepach GW, to zrobię z tego tytułu niezłą Lotrową imprezkę :)
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